Chill Out Events

Chill Out Shaved Events

We have several options for your next event!!

Event catering now available. Give us a call! We will bring our New Orleans style shaved ice stand to you. Birthday parties, wedding receptions, school events, office parties- you name it, we’ll do it! Shaved ice is the perfect party favor. All we need is a place to setup our machine, and a freezer to store ice.

Our services provide amazing flavors, fluffy ice, cups, spoon straws, and napkins

Chill out is perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, school fundraisers, sporting events, day cares, weddings, church events, carnivals, block parties, picnics, you name it! Everyone will be sure to have a great time! Just email us at
If you want COSI on site for a few hours we will have to minimum requirement of 60 snowcones
8oz-$2.00 each
12oz-$3.00 each
16oz- $4.00 each
Deposit of $50.00 non refundable to hold your spot

Birthday party rates or any party
200 per hr for 75 12oz cups
250 per hr for 100 12oz
Deposit required (non refundable)

“75 cups per hour is as fast as I can produce.”

Prices are followed:
Chill out Package one – $195
$50 deposit non refundable
This is normally our birthday party package

For parties up to 30 guests ($2.50 per cup after that) Kid’s Menu – includes 5 kid friendly flavors, and something special for the birthday child. (Sugar free flavors available upon request) All flavors comes w/ a candy stick Birthday child receives a candyland shaved ice All guests receive one Chill out 12 oz cup of shaved ice Beanbag toss game set up??? serving for 45 minutes Tax and trip fee will be added depending on location. If event is in walker county travel fee will be waived

Chill out package two – $225

$50 deposit non refundable
For parties up to 50 guests ($2.50 per cup after that)
Chill Out Menu (includes a mix of 10 of our popular classic flavors including a rainbow flavor)
All guests receive one 8oz cup of shaved ice
Bean bag toss setup
on-site serving for 1 hour
Tax and trip fee will be added depending on location. If event is in Walker County travel fee will be waived.

Chill Out Package Three – $375

$50 deposit non refundable
An extended shaved ice experience, great for parties with 75-100 guests ($2.50 per cup after 100)
Chill Out Menu (includes a mix of 10 popular classics including a rainbow flavor)
You may choose 2 additional hville flavors to add to the menu excluding the Chill Out monster & volcano
Unlimited samples
Beanbag toss game set up
on-site serving for 2 hours
Tax and trip fee will be added depending on location. If event is in walker county travel fee is waived.