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Chill Out Shaved Ice Arnuads Menu

Check out these Arnauds Food Park specialty items!

Please note: the 402 E. 11th Street offers our FULL MENU. Arnaud's Food Park has a modified menu as well as specific items just for this location.


Small $3, Large $4, Big Chill $6.50

Sweet but psycho: Green apple w/ cream and sour
Ghostbuster: Blue coconut, strawberry, pineapple with cream and Carmel
Shark Bite: Tigers blood on bottom and blue Hawaiian on top with nerds in the middle
Blue Island: Blue raspberry, blue coconut, blue gum, coconut
Banana split: Banana, Chocolate, and Strawberry
Slap Ya Mama: Wedding cake & chocolate w/ butterfinger pieces in the middle, with hard chocolate and Carmel on top
Princess: Pink bubble gum and cotton candy w/ sugar sprinkles
Circus- Cotton candy with whip and circus animal cookies

Park favorites

Please allow more time to make the items on this list
Summertime: Strawberry shaved ice flat top with nerds and a popcycle $7 - Add $2 for color changing cup.
Carmel Apple- This Carmel Apple tasting favorite is made with Green Apple flavored shaved ice, Candy Rings, Carmel, and Cream mixed topped with a ringpop! $5
Candy land- *KID FAVORITE*This Kid Favortie is made with cotton candy flavor, nerds, candy sticks, candy rings, sour worms, and whipped cream. $7 - Add $2 for color changing cup.
BYOB! Pineapple shaved ice with LOTS candy on top and a individual tajin salt. $7 21 years old BYOB; this Pairs well with Malibu Rum. WE DO NOT SERVE ALCOHOL.
Fresa’s Strawberry with lots of tajin and chamoyada through the snow cone. Topped with (1) candy stick and a Tarmando stick $7
CIRCUS Cotton candy flavor. Topped w/ whipped cream & circus animal crackers topping and extra sprinkles $7
The MaternityThis is a large mango shaved ice with ice cream in the middle. Topped with cream, tajin salt, crushed pickles, and sour worms. Flat top only, large size only $7
FISH BOWL (ONE SIZE ONLY) Comes with blue coconut and pineapple with candy inside the shaved ice. Topped with whipped cream, ring pop, nerds, gummy bears, and much more! $7

Regular Flavors

Bahama Mama, Banana, Blue Bubble Gum, Blue Coconut, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Clear Coconut, Cotton Candy, Dreamsicle, Green Apple, Grape, Georgia Peach, KIWI, Mango Pineapple, Pickle, Root Beer, Silver Fox, Strawberry, Tigers Blood, Watermelon, Wedding Cake, Sugar Free Banana, Sugar Free Cherry, Sugar Free Blue Coconut, Sugar Free Wedding Cake

HVLLE Flavors

Nessa original: Blue bubble gum, Cotton candy, and Clear coconut with Sugar sprinkles
Pic-A-Dilly: Mango w/ Crushed Pickles and Tajin salt (Flat Top only)
Rock & Roll: Watermelon, Blue Coconut & Pineapple
Prison City: Blue coconut, Strawberry, Pineapple
The Escapee: Root Beer/ Chocolate with Hard chocolate on top
The Statue: Silver Fox and Wedding Cake w/ Cream
Demons Road: Mango with Chamoy and Tajin salt
Blue Lagoon: Blue Coconut with Cream and Caramel

More Treats

Chill Out Sweet: One flavor with a scoop of blue bell vanilla ice cream topped w/ condensed milk. Hville flavors are $.75 extra Small: 3.00 • Large: 4.00 • Big chill: 6.50
OREO MONSTER $8 Chocolate shaved ice with a slice of cheesecake on top. Along with Oreos, Carmel, and whipped cream. one size only.
CHILL OUT MONSTER $8.00 strawberry cheesecake flavor shaved ice with a slice of cheesecake on top. Topped with whipPED cream and Carmel ONE SIZE ONLY. Add Bluebell for $1.00
Takis Special $3 Takis chips topped w/ chamoy, limes chopped pickles, and hot spices A perfect sweet, crunchy, and sour combination